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Summer air-conditioning disease prevention tips
Date:2012-6-11 13:25:53

Increasingly hot weather so that air-conditioning market Huopu up. Recently, with reporters from Xinhua that the European City shop, air-conditioning demand by the growing impact of air conditioning from the beginning of May sales rose sharply, with the same period last month, compared with growth of about 80 percent. This marks the 08 fully air-conditioning season has come. It is understood that in comparison to most people in the past the purchase of air-conditioning is the need for new home decoration this year, while the majority of consumers are in the old air-conditioning needs updating. More and more consumers aware of the use of air-conditioning for too long about the hazards, the replacement of a new air-conditioning as their first choice. Electric home appliances with the relevant hospital officials told journalists that the air-conditioning service life for too long, not only will lead to increased power consumption, cooler leak, endangering the environment, but also for their families also have great health threat: the annual accumulation of bacteria will become a mineral fiber , Viruses and mold the carrier, the wind of air conditioners, hair dryer for viruses and bacteria survival and breeding, particularly in aircraft and aircraft outside the condenser, evaporator, and so on, there will be a large amount of dust and bacteria, thus becoming the source of disease transmission . Industry professionals said that the air-conditioned safety of life already in the air, on the occasion, the use of the current international practice for 12 years, the vast number of consumers can be used as a reference, if the air-conditioned home has been used for over 10 years, we should consider for a Brand new. In China, 07 national household appliances Standardization Technical Committee has drawn up a "safe use of household appliances details of life," the life of the air-conditioning has carried out a detailed, but the standard is still in effect. Summer air-conditioning disease risk, prevention tips are in the hot summer air-conditioning to cool and bring people to die, is essential to modern daily life. Improper use of air conditioning but also easily lead to negative results. A long time in air-conditioned environment to work or study, to appear stuffy nose, brass ball valve   dizziness, sneezing, tinnitus, fatigue, memory decline and other symptoms, can lead to serious skin of the bear in the dry and easy to allergies, skin and other poor Symptoms of modern medicine to be known collectively as "Air conditioning disease." Electric home appliances with the hospital staff said to reporters, "Air conditioning disease" is due to the use of air conditioning caused by improper, as long as the everyday use of proper attention, is completely able to avoid. The prevention of air-conditioning in the summer tips include: 1. Must pay attention to the use of air-conditioning ventilation, brass ball valve   we suggest that you open the windows regularly every day, closed air-conditioning, so that fresh air ventilation, air-conditioners once every two weeks cleaning Jia You. 2. From the air-conditioned environment on bail, should be first in a cool place activities for a while, the body to adapt to future activities under the sun if the air-conditioned indoor long-term, should go to outdoor activities, drinking water, speeding up the body metabolism. 3. Naturally air-conditioned room temperature and outdoor temperature should not be too large to not more than 5 degrees suitable, it is better not sleep at night with air-conditioning, air-conditioning off when sleep more secure, before bed in outdoor activities, and promoting blood circulation. 4. In the air-conditioned environment to work, study, do not let vents in the cold wind blowing directly on, Lin Li, sweat should not directly Chuileng Feng, so cool down too fast, it is easy morbidity. 5. Smoking is prohibited in indoor. 6. Should always keep the skin clean. Frequented by air-conditioned environment, hot and cold mutation, skin attached to the bacteria in the sebaceous gland, sweat glands or obstruction caused purulent infection, it should always take a bath 7. The use of disinfectants to kill microorganisms and prevent the . 8. Dehumidifier home by agents, to prevent the brass ball valve  breeding of bacteria. 9. Not in a static car air-conditioning to prevent car engines from the carbon monoxide and returning the car accident, or carbon monoxide poisoning. 10. Air-conditioned environment the attention of warm clothing.brass ball valve brass fitting.

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