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Valve where the rural economy to
Date:2012-6-11 13:26:57

Association for the Promotion of SMEs from Wenzhou brass ball valve City

, president of weeks German population understand that the existence of private enterprises in Wenzhou of the problem is that he has been concerned with the reasons for its existence have a certain historical inevitability and, thus, the reporter asked the president to the weeks-related issues . Reporter (hereinafter referred to as "mind"): Hello, president of weeks, as far as we know, Wenzhou, private capital is extremely active, and some small and medium enterprises on the verge of closure because of funding difficulties, Do you have any views » Zhou German (hereinafter referred to as "Week"): Hello. Private enterprises in Wenzhou of about 167,000 of the scale, most of which belong to small and medium enterprises, its mode of production and operation of the shortcomings is not formed overnight, from the following reasons to analyze: First, the environment: in the development of SMEs play an irreplaceable role in recent years, although the Government is aware of SMEs in the national economy in an important position, has also taken certain measures, but the situation faced by SMEs And there was no fundamental change. Overall, the Government's apparent lack of support for SMEs. Assistance, the Government also has been tilted to large enterprises, SMEs are basically did not get the opportunity to compete on an equal footing. Second, the talent: Most small and medium enterprises from Wenzhou, the family workshops to develop and implement the family-run management, the enterprise's main duties by members of the family, business decision-making power concentrated in the business owners, due to historical reasons, the small and medium enterprises in Wenzhou Most of the lower primary education level, without the knowledge of modern management training, as the family business "rejection" of making SMEs to foreign talent "born" a rejection, makes foreign "talent" Ruzuozhenzhan, or tail Jiazhao Man, or Yizouliaozhi, therefore, mostly small and medium enterprises in Wenzhou lack of talent. Third, the capital: a shortage of funds, the growth brass ball valve  of small and medium enterprises in Wenzhou is the largest of the "troubles." It seems that the foreigners, Wenzhou is a rich flow of oil last year, Wenzhou bank deposit balance of about 1200 billion, said small and medium enterprises in Wenzhou lack of "money", many foreign scholars, journalists do not believe the big, in fact , Wenzhou really is: people have enormous financial resources, and the majority of SMEs are lack of development funds for the distressed. Study of its principles, the first system and the second is the issue of credit for SMEs, the SME small scale, weak power, the slow accumulation of their own, to the rapid development, we need financing, so the problem of financing is the biggest problem facing small and medium enterprises. Reporter: What do you think that small loan companies listed about brass ball valve his views on » It listed on the financing of enterprises in Wenzhou of credit to expand production and other issues helpful? » Zhou: The small loan companies as a significant geographical characteristics of the new things, that China's financial opening up to other entered a new stage, as an innovative approach, the long-term view, this is definitely a positive. By bonding companies, asset management companies, pawn, and so presents the financial survival of civil space, in the major commercial banks to lend to SMEs increased the impact of such factors will become increasingly smaller, as long as management practices, small loan companies A lot of room for survival. Small loan companies in Wenzhou, the pilot of the region has obvious significance in guiding the norms and guide private lending a great impetus. brass ball valve brass fitting brass check valve.

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